Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Studies

Anglia Ruskin University


This bachelor’s degree, of course, can produce traditional educators. With an education degree, you can eventually become anything from a grade school teacher to a college professor. In today’s world, however, you are not limited to the classroom.
It is a growing part of the education field to seek out the specific types of students you want to work with. Interested in helping professionals develop their soft skills? Interested in helping others achieve fluency in a language you speak? Interested in teaching small children their shapes and colors? An Education and Training degree can help you with any of those options.
During your program, you will be exposed to real students in real classrooms, and will have plenty of hands-on experience to prepare you for your own classroom. You will have opportunities to build meaningful relationships with senior teachers who, in turn, can point you to potential employers in your specialised field.


Anglia Ruskin University
Cambridge Campus, East Rd, Cambridge CB1 1PT, UK

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