Advanced Certificate in Golf Coaching

University of Birmingham


Unlike medical majors that study to cure illnesses, Personal Care and Fitness focuses on body posture and physical health. The challenge in this field is teaching people how to get and keep their body healthy, especially in the face of fad diets or harmful eating and exercising regimens.
In today’s world, people are far more knowledgeable about the importance of physical health, so the standard for personal care and fitness workers is much higher. It is due to this that the health field has grown so dramatically in the last few years. Students with qualifications in this field will have little to no trouble finding work, as many people are willing and able to pay higher rates in order to attain and maintain physical health.
In these courses, you will learn about the inner workings of the human body, as well as specific muscle groups and nutrition. Your personal skills will also need to be attuned to this type of work, as it requires good communication and motivational skills.


University of Birmingham

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