MA Antiquity: Egyptology pathway

University of Birmingham


Humanities are academic disciplines that study aspects of human society and culture. For this reason, humanities courses vary widely in scope and are available at all levels of collegiate study. Some college-level humanities courses focus on Western culture, while others address cultures all across the globe.
These disciplines include anthropology, history, language and literature, philosophy, and political science, to name just a few. The humanities are about connecting the past with the present, and inviting students to think about the inarguable truths about what it means to be human.
There are many misconceptions about this course of study. Some peoples think that a humanities education inadequately prepares graduates for employment, or that graduates with humanities degrees face underemployment or low incomes. In reality, though, a degree in the humanities allows graduates space to find employment in the full gamut of management and professional occupations.


University of Birmingham

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