Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Chemistry

University of Oklahoma

Tuition Fee

US$17,360.00 per year


What will I learn? The major goal of a graduate education in chemistry is to master a significant segment of the existing knowledge, including theories and techniques, and to demonstrate the creative capability to discover new understandings and techniques through research. Accordingly, requirements include an established minimum of classroom course work and studies and completion of original research work presented in a written dissertation. The graduate program at OU is a balance between required and elective coursework and research. Divisions within the areas of chemistry and biochemistry are used at OU to organize teaching assignments, course requirements and degree candidacy requirements. There are six divisions at OU: Analytical, Biochemistry, Chemical Education, Inorganic, Organic, Physical Chemistry, and Structural Biology. Students elect one of these divisions as their major and must fulfill the requirements of that division to earn a degree. Given the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of modern chemistry, students will often fulfill the degree requirements of one division while carrying out research in an overlapping research area. Minimum course requirements are 16 credit hours of graduate level lecture courses. These must include at least four credit hours in two divisions outside the student's major division. Depending on the division, candidacy exams for the Ph.D. degree are given in the second or at the beginning of the third year of graduate studies. More information on the degree requirements for each division is included in the Graduate Student Handbook.


University of Oklahoma

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Full Time (Minimum of 90 credit hours) Tuition Fee: US$17,360.00 per year
Start Date: Expected August 2018
Venue: College of Arts and Sciences Ellison Hall 633 Elm Avenue, NORMAN, Oklahoma, 73019, United States

Entry Requirement

International Student Graduate applicants must, at minimum, possess, or be in the process of completing, the equivalent of a 4-year US Bachelor is degree. In most cases, a 3-year Bachelor is degree is not sufficient for graduate study at the University of Oklahoma. Consistency across subsections will be considered for English proficiency. For example, for the TOEFL IBT, generally, a minimum score of 20 is expected in each section of Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. Consistency across subsections will be considered for English proficiency. Scores over two years old by the beginning of the term you wish to enter are not acceptable unless you have been attending school in the U.S. since the test date.

Vietnam Student Other English Language Requirements accepted: TOEFL with a minimum score of 550(paper-based)and a computer-based score of 213.


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