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Am I Eligible to Study in Switzerland?

by | Sep 2, 2021

Switzerland is home to the world’s leading hospitality degrees, with universities such as the Swiss Hotel Management School scoring high over the rest in terms of leisure management and hospitality. As such, it is no secret that many higher education seekers yearn for the privilege to study in the country. What exactly should these individuals look out for?

The first step in the process of studying in Switzerland is to be admitted into one of the country’s universities. Depending on the university’s own set of admissions criteria and procedures for accepting foreign students, a candidate may have more or less requirements than the next. But in general, there are conditions that must be met in order to study in Switzerland.

To enter Switzerland, candidates from non-EU/EFTA countries must apply for a visa. They may apply at their home country’s Swiss Embassy or Consulate. They must also apply for a residency permit once they arrive in Switzerland.

Candidates from outside the EU/EFTA may apply for one of two types of visas. If a candidate chooses to study a short course or a language program, they will need a short-term visa (up to 90 days, Schengen visa). A short-term visa application can be submitted online. On the other hand, if a candidate chooses to study full-time, a long-term visa (over 90 days, National visa) is required. A long-term visa application must be submitted in person at a Swiss embassy or consulate in their respective country.

While a Swiss visa does not require any specific language skills, universities want students to have proficient knowledge in the language of instruction. Candidates must also have either a state-recognized Swiss maturity certificate, or another international secondary education leaving certificate acknowledged as equivalent by the university, in order to be admitted to a bachelor’s level university. A bachelor’s degree, often in a related discipline to the master’s program of preference, is required for master’s programs.

Furthermore, proof of financial capacity to cover all living expenses in Switzerland during the entire period of studies, is also required. A candidate must be able to show evidence of having CHF 21,000 (PHP 1.113M) at the start of each academic year.
To get to know the admission requirements and processes of your program of choice, explore Swiss universities’ websites. For more details on Swiss Hotel Management School, visit