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Here are 5 tips on choosing the Right University for you!

by | Nov 11, 2021

Guaranteed choosing the right school is quite hard knowing that there are a lot of Universities to choose from in Canada. But knowing what country you want to study in is a great start! With Study Query, we make it easier for you in narrowing down your choices. 

  • Always ask about opportunities 

As an international student, knowing that the university you chose should have a Post Graduate Work Permit – this way it will help you acquire a job and stay in Canada for an additional three years, depending on the duration of your study. Luckily for you, all of Study Query’s partnered Universities offers PGWP for their international students! 

  • Benefit from High Quality 

Always do your research. Find out your universities rankings and make your way from there. Make sure you ask these questions: 

  1. Will the faculty be able to help me out? 
  2. What are the values of the school? 
  3. What kind of educational support is available? 
  • Career

Make sure that the Universities’ conversion rate for work is high as well. Remember, work experience during your degree is an advantage when searching for a job upon graduation. These types of flexibility of the school is what you would want to find. 

Find Universities that offer co-op jobs as well in order to help you achieve your goals. 

  • Value and Meaning

In everything that you do, you must always find the value and meaning in your life. This will help you be motivated in whatever challenges you might face upon choosing the school for you. 

  • Find out about the city within your vicinity

Lastly, do your research within the city that you’ll live in. Choose if you want a fast-paced community or somewhere more provincial. 


Study Query offers you a variety of Colleges and Universities for you to choose from. So go ahead and inquire now!