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How much do you really need to study in Switzerland?

by | Nov 5, 2021

Pursuing higher education is one thing, moving to another country in order to do so, is another. From television, magazines, to online portals, there is no doubt that Switzerland is among the countries that are consistently at the top half of the roster when it comes to university rankings. However, inviting the greater responsibility of a student to examine all expenses before making such a life-changing decision, must always be put into consideration.


Right off the bat, it is crucial to remember that quality education does not come cheap. The same can be said about education in Switzerland. While public universities are funded substantially by the governmentmaking tuition fees more affordable in comparison to those offered in other countries leading in education and traininga student still needs to pay an average of CHF 400-4,000 (PHP 23,000-215,000) a year, for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees; and CHF 100-900 (PHP 5,000-52,000) a year, for a PhD degree. For private universities, tuition fees could get as high as CHF 47,000 (PHP 2.5M).


Non-European candidates must also apply for a student visa at the nearest Swiss Embassy or Consulate with a letter of approval, statement of accounts of the certification fee, and proof of financial means to pay for all living costs during the entire length of studies. A candidate must be able to provide proof of having CHF 21,000 (PHP 1.113M) at the start of each academic year. To process a visa, Swiss authorities in some countries need advance payment of tuition fees (one or two terms).


Finally, the expenses for accommodation, food, and transportation, are other components to factor in when managing a monthly budget. Accommodation rates could range from CHF 500-1,300 (PHP 26,000-69,000/month); food costs at around CHF 400-600 (PHP 20,000-30,000)/month; and transportation costs about CHF 60 (PHP 3,000)/month.


Overall, from applying for a visa, to processing university requirements, and living costs, a student is expected to exhaust from CHF 22,360 to CHF 67,000 (PHP 1.2M-3.6M), at the beginning of residency, depending on the choice of school, accommodation type, and means of transportation.


While an expensive endeavor, the ROI for studying in one of the world’s elite higher education providers is certainly strong, with graduates being industry leaders around the globe.